CoinCoin Breaker 3 Poles - 1000 Amp



CM1-MCCB | 3P 630/3300A





BREAKER 1000 Amp

CM1-MCCB | 3P 1250/3300A

Conventional Circuit Breaker, Circuit Breaker Fault Protection, Overcurrent Protection.

Open and close the circuit: This is a less common function of circuit breakers, but if there are not enough manual switches, they can be used for this purpose.

Protection against electrical faults: During a fault, such as a short circuit or line fault, there are extremely high currents that must be interrupted immediately.

Overload protection: the duration of the current greater than the rated value is longer than normal in the application.

The various current ratings provided by molded case circuit breakers make them suitable for various applications.

This allows them to be used in high and low power applications.

Breaker CoinCoin 1000 Amp