1.- Are they physical stores? 

Yes, we have offices in Maracay - San Vicente / Caracas - Altamira.

2.-Do they accept cash?

You can make your purchase directly with cash in Bolivars and Dollars.

3.-Are the prices of the miners with source included?

In all our prices, the cost of the power source is already included in new and used equipment.

4.-Do you accept payment in Cryptocurrencies?

You can make your purchase safely through our web page in BTC crypto or at our headquarters.

5.-How long does it take to deliver the miners?

When making the payment and being confirmed, the equipment is delivered immediately by our offices.

6.-Do the equipments have any guarantee?

All new equipment, specialized in mining, have a 6-month manufacturer's warranty and a 7-day sale guarantee.

7.-Do they carry out Courses?

We do not dictate any type of courses in our facilities.

8.- Do they give advice?

If we give technical advice of the equipment you buy.