How to obtain Bitcoins?

How to obtain Bitcoins?

You can be a normal user and purchase them safe places to buy Bitcoins, and use them in stores that accept, or you can save them while increasing their value and ideal for use wait time, as their price usually is on the rise.

Or you can put to work a specialized hardware, Bicoin Miners, depending on the system and thus become a Bitcoin miner.

In the second case, being Bitcoin miner you receive Bitcoins as compensation. Miners are an essential part of the Bitcoin transaction system.

Let's see what Bitcoin mining is and how it works

That there are more miners means that there is a safer network. The Bitcoin network automatically changes the difficulty of mathematical problems.

At the beginning the miners solved those mathematical problems with the processor of their PCs, then they discovered that the processors of their graphic cards were more efficient. It happened then that the graphic cards consumed more electricity and generated more heat.

That was left behind, today there is specialized hardware that consumes less energy and heats up very little: they are Bitcoin miners and there are several brands.

And as far as the modality of work now forms groups of miners, called Pool Miners, in the pool miners the works of the miners are combined and efficiency increases. Currently it is necessary to join or form a pool miners group to achieve results in Bitcoin mining.

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